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Friday, May 25, 2012

Easy Summer Centerpiece | Planted Herbs

I’m all for things that can serve double duty and make life easier- especially when they are really beautiful and simple to make.  This herb box moves from the window sill in my kitchen to the kitchen table for a last minute centerpiece. 

The long shape and low height of this box is perfect for a casual meal at my rustic harvest table.   You can make this in any shape or size that will compliment your window and your table.  This box is made from wood salvaged from an old barn in Vermont.  Keep your eye out for a unique vessel that you love, or make one yourself!  Your herb box can be made out of any material, as long as there is good drainage out of the bottom, which is easily done by drilling holes.

My herb box has become a fixture in my home, changing with the seasons.  In the Summer, I fill it with fresh basil and keep it out on the patio table all season long.  I never have to worry about putting together a centerpiece when we’re having friends over for a last-minute patio party, and as a bonus the herbs in the box just might inspire the menu.

Of course, you don’t have to only plant herbs in the box.  Late in the Fall, I plant paperwhite bulbs that will bloom just before the Holidays.  It is such a nice treat to have a full box of blooms on my breakfast table in the middle of Winter.

 You'll need...

-wooden box with drainage holes
-potting soil
-5 herb plants
-sheet of metal    

Directions :

Find or build a simple box that will fit on your window sill and will fit nicely on your table.  Be sure to drill several holes in the bottom of the box to enable excess water to drain out.

Create a liner for underneath the box out of a sheet of metal.  You can find tin or another light-weight metal sheet at the hardware store.  With protective gloves on, using a ridged straight edge, bend the sides of the sheet of metal up, so it fits around the box.  Be sure to make multiple folds on each side to hide sharp edges.

Fill the box half way with potting soil.  Plant the herb plants down the center of the box, then fill in with potting soil.  Water generously. 


  1. I decorate with herbs too and love them! Lavender of course adds a great smell to a room but rosemary is great too. I tend to trim my rosemary in the fall to make rosemary ball or tree topiaries for the holidays.

  2. What a great idea to use sheet metal for a tray. You are such an inspiration. TY!

  3. I have been wanting to try planting a small herb crate. So simple & lovely!

  4. I've planted my first herb garden this summer. So far, so good. Mine's outdoors and likes the sun. Your's is great. Very impressive idea for a tray!!

  5. So pretty and what a wonderful idea! Herbs are so fragrant and a wonderful addition the the kitchen or table. I am hosting a party this weekend and will prepare one of your appetizers :) New follower and enjoy all the ideas and inspiration here in your blog. Enjoy your weekend.


  6. I absolutely love this! So pretty and fresh. Now I've just got to find myself an adorable little box. Hope your weekend is lovely.

  7. This is a wonderful idea. I always like to add a special touch with flowers, but always feel it might not be the right addition to
    A casual dinner. This idea allows you to utilize
    The centerpiece for two purposes. Love that.

  8. I love this idea! I recently received some herbs and have been debating about where to put them. Why not display them! Looks beautiful for summertime.


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