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April 04, 2012

The View From Where I Sit | Staying in on a Saturday Night | Homemade Pizza for Two

This is a little peak into our house on a Saturday night when we decided to stay in.  Mike and Emma played in the living room while I spent some time in the kitchen preparing a pizza and a salad for us to share.

While I was fixing dinner, I snapped a couple of secret photos during their storytime.  The book is "Guess How Much I Love You" - so sweet.  Keep reading...

The pizza was more rustic than fancy - modeled after a Mike's newest favorite "Pizza Napoli" from our local pizzeria, and the salad was copied from a favorite from back home - "The Nine Color Salad" from Spin Pizza. 

Pepperoni & Crumbled Meatballs  (My Homemade Meatballs Recipe)

My sister asked me, If you love the pizza from there and you can just call and order it, why try to make it yourself?  True.

Fresh Mozzarella

But sometimes I just want to cook.  I want to make something - especially on the weekends.  After weeks of juggling Emma and trying to fix dinner at the same time, it is nice on Saturday night to spend some alone time in the kitchen while Mike is spending time with her.

Nine Color Salad

Boston Bibb Lettuce, Romaine, Radicchio, Radishes, Celery, Scallion, Pine Nuts, Feta Cheese &
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.  Here is the complete recipe for the Nine Color Salad.

Pizza's out of the oven... yes, that is crumbled bacon on Mike's half.  The pepperoni and crumbled meatballs is plenty of meat for me.

I love dinners like this...

on my lap, on the sofa, on a Saturday night.

  With good company.


  1. She is adorable, and this sounds like the perfect Saturday night! Love your blog Jenny!!

  2. Looks delicious! I love to cook in too. I plan to make homemade pizza and a tossed salad one evening this week too. :) We're having company and with Easter dinner for almost 40 here at our house we are eating "easy" stuff the other days. ;) The photos of Emma are adorable too!! :)

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Sounds like a perfect evening! Emma is precious. By the way, I love SPIN PIZZA. I live in Lees Summit.

  4. kellyt2:26 PM

    This meal looks great. I do the same thing you do: have a great meal in a restaurant and then try to re-create it at home. It's very exciting when I pull it off!

  5. Hi Jenny! Emma is beautiful! I have made several of your recipes this week and they have all been big hits in our house-the crab cakes in particular!

    Love your beautiful blog!

  6. Kristin5:03 AM

    Very funny...Sorrento's Napoli is the "go to" pizza in this house too :)

  7. Jenny, Emma is beautiful! I love staying in on Sat. night with my hubby and two boys, ages 11 & 14. When my two older children were babies we started reading that book! We would always end it with I love you to the moon and back, to the universe and back, to the galaxy and back, etc....what fun times...enjoy!
    can't wait to try these recipes

  8. sounds like a nice evening! the 8 color salad at SPIN is about the only one i ever order! your daughter is a total doll!!!! enjoy the rest of your week! love your blog!

  9. hi jenny! just catching up on your blog! i can relate to savoring time alone in the kitchen. it is such a treat when it happens. your pizza and salad look delish! i've just started making my own dough. i'm still searching for the perfect recipe. my first few tries were good, but trader joe's fresh dough is just as good. if i'm going to make it from scratch i expect it to be at least a bit better. do you have a pizza dough recipe you like? speaking of recipes... i made ina's new spicy turkey meatballs for dinner this week - oh my! i have my own go to recipe, an old "cooking light" one that was one of the very first things i learned to make in college. it is similar to your recipe and baked. but these ina ones were really special and different. i thought my boys would protest to the change but they were big fans too. i hope your sweet family has a very happy easter!

  10. What a sweet night in! Dinner (and little Emma) look delicious!


  11. My mouth is watering! That looks so good, and your pictures of your two darlings are priceless.

    I've just found your blog via Party Resources and am so happy I have. Enjoy your Easter!

    Happily following,

  12. You are so creative, even the simplest things you may do, just comes out beautiful. And your beautiful baby girl, oh my.. I keep posting this on you comments. She just has that face that lights up a room.

  13. I may have missed a step somewhere -- how did you make the sauce and the crust? Looks divine!

  14. AHOP- I did not include the recipe in this post, but I do share my pizza recipes in this link :

  15. Sweet post! Just discovered your blog and love it.


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