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March 06, 2012

Vermont Skiing Weekend | The Woodstock Inn

Last weekend we took off for the mountains.  Our destination : Woodstock, Vermont, just two hours north of Concord, Ma.  Our timing couldn't have been better - the entire New England area had a fresh blanket of snow.  Snow, Snow, Snow, Snoowww...  Name that movie! 

We stayed at the gracious Woodstock Inn right in the little village.  It is the quentessential New England Inn - old, charming, grand, peaceful and very hospitable.   Our weekend included cozy dinners by the fire, a trip to the spa for me - I had a Hot Chocolate Body wrap, strolling around the town boutique shopping, a visit to a farm and skiing for Mike. 

The view outside of our room window looking at the interior courtyard.  I started my day with a treatment at the spa...

This was the lounging area in the spa - wood burning fire, a jacuzzi right outside.  Three hours of relaxing.  It was heaven.

After my treatment, we headed out for the day.  The town of Woodstock is so lovely. 

Emma and I drove Mike over to the local mountain so he could do some skiing in the afternoon.

This was our third trip to Vermont since we've moved here.  Emma's first.  On the outside, at least.  Here is a link to our other Vermont adventures.

She loved Vermont.  She was so peaceful in the car as she looked out of the window at the mountains.

Some of the views along the way.


 Yes, that is a horse-drawn sleigh.  Idyllic.  Did you know Mike and I got engaged on a night time horse-drawn sleigh ride in Aspen?  I know.

The ski lodge was very old school.  It was awesome.  I am so mad at myself that I didn't get a photo of the actual ski lifts - they were circa 1965 and painted a robin's egg blue.

I did, however, manage to get a photo of the amazing sandwich I munched on in the lodge while Mike was skiing.  It was called "The Corduroy" - turkey, bacon, brie and dried cranberries.  Grilled.  So good. 

We decided to go back to see the sleigh ride in action.  Looks like these two had made a visit to the Vermont Flannel Co. in downtown Woodstock.  Classic.  Classically funny.

Emma was thrilled to meet some of the horses.

And the GIANT ox.

The dairy barn.

This is Billings.

Just one day older than Emma, Billings has about 150 pounds on her. 

Every barn needs a cat.  We used to have 8.  Then those cats had 8...

Billings was a kisser. 

After the farm we headed back into town.

I was so glad to see that the town's covered bridge was still sporting its Christmas wreath.  Guess who else was still wearing its Christmas gear?

Yes, my car still had its Christmas wreath on.  Don't worry, this was actually a long time ago.  Like a week-and-a-half ago. 

Back to the Inn for a little Apres Ski fire and cookies.

Emma got dressed for dinner while I explored the hotel with my camera.

This was the main Hearth Room - very cozy and grand.

Look how long the firewood is - they went through this pile of wood every couple of hours to keep it roaring and the room nice and toasty.

Lots of local artwork.  I love the colors of this painting of the Woodstock town center.

The bar at the hotel.  Love the light fixtures and wide plank floors.

A stark, yet warm design style - I love it.

Lots of cozy corners and reading nooks.

The library.

I met my dates for dinner in The Tavern.   It was a Sunday night and nice to have the place basically to ourselves.

Hey, handsome.

Wanna know why I'm smiling?  Besides enjoying an evening by the fire with two adorable dates?

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese for dinner!  Life is good.


  1. Looks like a great trip! Gosh it is so beautiful there. I've never been to Vermont, but it looks so nice! Emma is so big and cute :)

  2. Looks exactly like White Christmas, minus the snow!

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    My husband and I are trying to plan a quick weekend getaway somewhere drivable from Kansas City. Any suggestions? You seem to always find great places.

  4. jenny ~ you make traveling with a baby look easy!! looks like a scene out of a movie!! you lucky girl, you!! tessa

  5. WOW! It looks like a filmset. Nearly like "gilmore girls" :-) Everything is soo pretty, your family, the landscape, the bridge, the cows.
    I would like to go to America right now!!! This must be soo great!

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      How gorgeous! Your photos brought back beautiful memories for me.
      My husband and I travelled to Woodstock in '05 to experience the Autumn colours. Stayed in a little BnB outside of town. Unfortunately that Autumn started late that year and we missed the colours! Had one of the best Italian meals EVER at a little restaurant in town.
      It's a long way to travel from Melbourne Australia :-)

  6. kelly in georgia9:24 PM

    Gosh I feel like I have just been on a virtual vacation! Thank you so much for sharing your trip. Vermont is next on my "must see" list of places.

  7. Looks like so much fun Jenny! Great pictures and your family is beautiful!

  8. Thanks for these beautiful photos.Emma is absolutelly gorgeous, and so cute!
    Big hugs!

  9. Cute post! I felt like I was there. Always love seeing inside Inns and all there is to do. Vermont looks lovely!
    Your family is precious.


  10. Really, your blog & life look just simply picture perfect! You have such a simple classic elegant style that I adore. Okay, is it strange to say...I wish you were my long lost best really! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your stunning photographs every day! This trip looks amazing. Vermont is definitely on my must see lists. Thanks for sharing. ~ Carrie

  11. Two thumbs up !! Great sharing, love your blog very much. Emma is really very cute!


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