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March 14, 2012

Spring & Easter Centerpieces | Yellow Daffodils & Blue Eggs

I love centerpieces that I can get at the grocery store or from other objects around my house.  For this table, I picked up all of these 'ingredients' from my local market - a couple of planned daffodils and heirloom blue and brown eggs. Not only would this be great for a party, but it will last for weeks so it is a great option to have displayed on your table all season long.

I'm a fan of simple, elegant tables and centerpieces when I'm entertaining at home.  It can be awkward and seem somewhat inappropriate when the table looks too fussy.  At the same time, it should be special.  The table should be designed to sort of 'go with' the menu and the company.  But don't make it seem that you've over done the occasion.  Have I contradicted myself enough yet?   Perfect.

Planted bulbs are (as you should know by now...) are my absolute favorite.  During every season, I try to have some sort of growing flower in my home - perched by the kitchen sink, on my kitchen island, or displayed on the coffee table.  It always makes the room feel better.

On each plate, I snipped a single daffodil to put on each napkin.  Little touches like this elevate your dinner to an 'occasion.'  

I designed a symmetrical, balanced centerpiece by lining up bowls of planted daffodils and pale blue and brown eggs.  The mix of powder blue and yellow is such a great color combination for this time of year.  Notice that I use restraint when it comes to mixing too many elements, colors or patterns.  Designs look best when they are anchored by strong neutral (in this case, white) pieces, like the linen napkins and bowls.  Don't be afraid to explore other containers besides vases and planters for flowers - I use these cereal bowls for so many different things.

Here's what I used :

- 2 planted daffodils, $5 each
- 1 dozen brown eggs, $3 dozen
- 1 dozen of heirloom blue eggs, $5 dozen
- 5 white cereal bowls
- green moss, $3

Total Cost : $23


  1. Simple and beautiful!! :)

  2. kelly in georgia5:44 PM

    gorgeous! love the springy look of the centerpiece AND your new header! i am still waiting for & wanting your photography tips...

  3. The table is so charming! Your stemware looks similar to the French glasses Ina Garten uses. I'd love to know where you purchased yours if you would like to share that with us. Thanks so much!

  4. ashleyphilbrick10:37 PM

    Are the cereal bowls still available somewhere? I love the size and depth and that they're not stark white! it's all beautiful!

  5. so funny, i never think to use my bulbs that grow naturally as a centerpiece~!duh! thank you for these beautiful pictures and inspiration!

  6. Angela8:03 PM

    I love this! There is a possibility even I, who has nothing but a glass candle holder in the middle of the table, could recreate your creativeness. Are the bowls from Target? If so, i already own them!

  7. Jenny7:18 AM

    Angela- I got these bowls at Anthropologie. I believe the are 'biscuit' brand. But any bowl you like the look of will work!

    Julie- I got the glasses from Williams-Sonoma but they no longer carry them! I wish they did... I've already broken one of my twelve... Ugh.

  8. Beautiful job Jenny! Very inspiring!

  9. Simple and elegant. I am going to feature this on my table! Thank you!

  10. I love your centerpiece - I wish thinking of buying a couple of potted easter lilies, but I like the daffodils.

    Now to figure out where to buy blue eggs!

  11. I think this is the prettiest Easter tablescape I've ever seen! I just love it! Simplicity and beauty at it's best!

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  13. I love those Anthro bowls! I saw them recently on another blog and decided that I had to have some. They come in such great colors, including robin's egg blue. Lovely table. :-)

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  15. How far in advance would I need to plant the bulbs to have them flower for a centerpiece?

  16. I love these daffodil centerpieces! the eggs really add another amazing look too! I just had to include it in my round up of lovely daffodil centerpiece ideas for my readers!


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