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March 31, 2012

Photography | Painting Backdrops

I take most of my photos on our sun porch.  It has pale yellow bead-board paneled, brick painted walls and with windows on three sides.  The light is great, but I often have trouble getting a nice clean backdrop because of the windows or the painted brick.  I decided to paint some backdrops to give my photos a more professional look.

I painted my large canvas a pale powder blue - this blue has always been my signature color.

I purchased all of the paint colors I need to mix custom colors whenever I need them.  I'm able to paint my large canvas or smaller foam boards any color that I need at a moments notice.

I'm storing them in this little box in my workshop/utility room to keep them handy.

My blue board at work!  I love it.  I can't wait to try other colors on my foam boards.




  1. Looks great..good tip! Do you hang the board like a painting on the bricks, or do you just lean it against the wall?

  2. What a great idea! I recently created a "table-top" type backdrop (my kitchen counters are dark granite, and I wanted a white washed look), but I hadn't thought about a canvas backdrop - I also take pictures on my porch, but it's got the siding which I don't like to have in my pictures, so this is the *perfect* solution. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. you have just inspired me to implement a backdrop. Thanks!

  5. Great idea, the photos look wonderful. I need to keep this in mind for photos.

  6. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Hi Jenny, this is my first visit on your blog. Nice recepees and photo's! I love your series about photography. I can learn a lot!
    I just started my own (Dutch) foodblog ( I enjoy working on the blog, find and cook new recipees and try to make nice pictures of it! I am about to buy my first DSLR-Camera next week.

    So I will follow you definitly!

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