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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Organizing Projects : Martha Stewart Labels & Home Office at Staples

Watch out unruly USB cords, uncivil stationery, and unsatisfactory files - I've just returned from Staples.  I've been bitten by the organizing bug. 

It all started in the grocery store aisle.  Spotted : Martha's newest 'Organizing' special edition.  I bought the one of these 3 years ago when we were moving into our first home (as you might remember me referencing when I was organizing my workshop/utility room last Summer).  All of the MS Editors' favorite home organizing 'good things' in one edition.

I already had planned to redo our guest bedroom desk into a functioning office for me, now I was really inspired.  ***Follow me today (1PM EST) on twitter (#JennyOrganizesWithMartha) as I turn this into a well stocked and organized home office!
Inside the front cover there is a spread featuring the new Martha Stewart line of Home Office products at Staples (partnership with Avery). 

As I looked at it I thought I should head over to Staples for a little R&D.

I didn't plan to buy anything - I have a philosophy when it comes to home projects.  I do the hard part first before I allow my self to go spend.

It is easy to get excited about a project while shopping before doing the actual work of cleaning out, throwing away, demoing (in the case of most home reno projects).

Often times I will get all worked up about a new project, immediately go to the store spend a bunch of money, then I would never get around to getting it done. 

Now, I try to make myself wait until the work is done before I reward myself with a shopping trip to gather supplies.     

Emma loved it so much.  She wouldn't let me leave the store without buying something...


Just a little something... right?

Fortunately I made myself come home and immediately address the problem areas : my guest bedroom desk area (soon-to-be home office), closet, entry way/mud room.  Here are the before photos...

This is the porch area right before you come in the kitchen.  It works well for what it is, but not really lovely to look at.  We really stocked up on boots this year in preparation for the Boston snow...

Not a disaster, but not pretty or nice to look at.  And, yes, even another pair of winter boots.

Guest room desk - clean and tidy, but not functional for me.

I'm going to be tackling this project this afternoon!  ***Follow me today (1PM EST) on twitter (#JennyOrganizesWithMartha) as I turn this into a well stocked and organized home office!


  1. I saw this as well and can't wait to see how it turns out before I head out to Staples with coupon in hand!

  2. I love to organize!! Martha's stuff is always the best. I'll have to take a look at it. My husband has just started doing some work at home and we'll be working on a home office in the future. :)

  3. Hi Jenny, I'm new here. I must admit have become totally smitten with your blog this evening:) You have impeccable style & taste! I love your photographs. My husband & I just went to Staples to pick up some drafting paper this weekend to do some sketches for our new home. I came across the Martha Stewart collection too. I look forward to following along. ~ Carrie


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