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February 12, 2012

Heart Shaped French Toast for Valentine's Day... Coincidence or a Valentine's Day Miracle?

Heart-Shaped French Toast
a valentine's day coincidence...?

A couple of weeks ago I baked a loaf of 'homemade' (aka home-baked rhodes frozen bread dough) that happened to turn out a little odd shaped.  I didn't realize that it was heart-shaped until I sliced it... could it be a Valentine's miracle?  Sure.  I'll take it.

I decided to photograph it at the last minute - too good to pass up.  Unfortunately, I don't know how to tell you to duplicate my heart-shape mishap.  I can tell you that the homemade bread makes amazing french toast.  No real recipe - bread, milk, eggs, dash of vanilla (credit : gibby...) and fried in butter.  Perhaps it will inspire your Valentine's Day breakfast in bed?

What are your Valentine's Day plans?  Mike and I don't typically buy each other gifts for these sort of holidays - usually a special dinner in or out.  I think this year, since it is on a Tuesday night I'll fix him his favorites.  Probably something like Steak, Truffle Pasta and Chocolate cake.  Even though I just made the exact thing for his birthday 2 months ago... he's a man of routine!

*Behind the Scenes Scoop : Notice the not-so-fine dusting of powdered sugar.  It is actually flour... I discovered after I shot the photos and took a bite.  Oops.





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  1. Mmm! This looks delicious! I LOVE french toast! I made heart shaped sugar cookies to celebrate the holiday - come check them out!


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