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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Handmade Gifts | Emma's Handmade Baby Gifts

When we were little my sister and I would try to get my Mom's homemade bread to look and taste like white sandwich bread, and my Dad's plump and juicy burgers to look like the ones we got in a happy meal.  Funny how in those days store-bought seemed better than homemade. 

Today, some of my favorite things are handmade.  Emma recieved so many beautiful handmade gifts that we will love forever. 

Here is a little gallery of some of the gifts our family and friends made just for her...

Above : My grandma made and embroidered this quilt for Emma.  One of the squares has a little girl playing with her doggy - love it. 

Left : The "Knit Wits" from our Church brought this knitted hat by for Emma.  It is so cozy!

My Mom made this quilt for Emma complete with a silky trim - one of my favorite things when I was little. 

This sweater was not made personally by my friend, but she had it handmade by someone - that counts right?  Either way, it is such a sweet little sweater.

You might remember these booties from Emma's Baptism outfit, but they were worth showing again.  I still can't believe someone made them!

Her Baptismal dress itself was made by hand by my great Aunt.  It was originally made for my Dad's baptism 50+ years ago.


  1. Your daughter is absolutely precious!!!! What a blessing!!

  2. lovely handmade gifts ,so much love and time given to make those special gifts ,thanks for sharing ..love receivig your blog

  3. beautiful gifts and such treasure for little precious Emma...

  4. In love with the embroidered quilt, reminds me of one I had. Such a lucky little girl!

  5. I also love embroidered quilts, I made my daughter a gorgeous quilt out of her old baby clothes and sleepsuits..it's such a fantastic memory to keep.

  6. I also love handmade...and what a great collection you were given as gifts! But the cutest is best is that precious little girl!

  7. Where did you find that sweet blue and gray striped outfit she is wearing?? Love.
    Must have one similar for my new baby.

  8. Jenny3:56 PM

    It was a gift from a local kids store in Concord, Fritz & Gigi. I'll look at the brand next time I get a chance!

    1. Thank you! It is precious, and I've looked all over the place for something similar with no luck.


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