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December 06, 2011

Easy DIY Homemade Stockings | Knit "Looking" Stockings | Holidays | DIY

The source of inspiration for my "Handstitched Holiday" came from my hunt for stocking material.  I looked ev-er-y-where for the perfect material... I looked at sweaters, scarfs, plaids, wools - anything and everything.  I really wanted a knit sweater look - something that looked homemade and cozy.  Oh, and my budget was about $40. 

I went to every craft and home decor store I could find.  I did find a lot of pre-made stockings that sort of fit my vision.  I almost pulled the trigger on these from Lands' End but I really wanted to make them.  I thought they'd be a really easy DIY craft to show on the blog... so, the search continued...

I made a last ditch stop at TJ Max.  What-do-ya-know.  I found a knit blanket that had a classic, cozy reindeer and snowflake design - perfect!  It was $35 - perfect.  It gave me enough material to make 3 stockings and a pillow case to match.

I can't tell you how easy it was.  The cutting, assembling and sewing took me about 45 for all three!

I made my pattern from a piece of kraft paper... as you can see, it was a very loose sketch.

I doubled the fabric and cut out both pieces (front and back) at the same time.  This is a view of the inverse of the fabric - it was reversible!  I sewed it inside out leaving the top open with a folded over cuff - the stocking on the right shows the stitching.  I trimmed the excess, then flipped it right sided out.

Here is a close up of the material.  I love how charming and cozy it is.

Here is the pillow that I made from the remaining material.  I put a plaid material on the back.  It was cut from an old blanket that I used for the tree skirt. 

Hung by the chimney with care!

Mr. Darcy's stocking (from last year) matches perfectly!

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  1. kelly in georgia10:16 PM

    Those turned out precious!! I love red, and the fact that you could make the stockings from a blanket plus a matching little throw pillow is wonderful.


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