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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Table : Pears, Bittersweet, Velvet & Linen

My style could definitely be defined as Refined Rustic.  I love pieces that have 'soul' (rustic) and elements that have an elegant (you guessed it - refined) appeal.  This Thanksgiving Table Setting is a great combination of both.  As I've mentioned before, I'm not a fan of table settings that are overdone.  I don't like large, formal centerpieces, and I don't like anything fake on tables.  No fake candles, no fake greenery, no fake flowers, no fake napkins (paper), no fake flatware (plastic), no fake plates (paper)... you get the picture.  I like to keep it simple, but genuine.   

A brambling bittersweet vine sits atop a velvet runner (that is actually a velvet drapery panel from target...) and au naturel pears sit atop hemstitched linen and china.  

 I love the wildness of the bittersweet.  I found it growing on the side of the road - love that it is wild and free.  Get it...?  The total cost of the table decorations :

6 Pears : $5
Bittersweet : $0
Velvet Drapery Panel from Target : $0 (originally probably $20)

I think the pears make each place setting a little more special.  Pears have such an elegant shape and great color and texture.  They almost look velvet themselves.   There is no waste, either.  If the guests don't eat the pear, then they can go in a big fruit bowl on my counter for the next week... or in a pear and apple crisp.  I fixed a mini one last night with the oatmeal cookie topping.  Very good.  I'll share soon!

Here you can see that I've just folded the drapery panel neatly in half.  The velvet drapery panel is washable - important for use as a table linen.  For those of you that like the dining room table, here is the post on how I 'aged' it.  Basically I painted it and then power-washed it.  I had plans of refinishing it to look fancy, but loved this rustic bare wood look.  

For an extra special touch, add a simple place card to each pear.  I know what you're thinking : Assigning seats is stuffy.  I disagree.  It makes everyone feel special and helps to maximize good conversion because you can design the table plan.  Here are my seating tips :

-Put the most interesting storyteller in the center of the table.
-The Host & Hostess sit at the heads of the table because they can foster cross table conversation.
-Seat couples across from each other, rather than next to one another.  It makes for a more intimate dinner if there is cross conversation rather than side-to-side. 

You can download these Thanksgiving Place Cards, here!  I printed them on Paper-Source Luxe Cream Cardstock.  I really like the texture and feel of this paper - it makes them look professionally printed.

Here are some other Fall Table Settings that would be great for Thanksgiving :

Fall Harvest Table Setting
Fall Dinner Party Table Setting

How will you be decorating your Thanksgiving Table?


  1. Such beautiful place settings Jenny! Gonna pin them now :)

  2. This is so simply beautiful. I love the addition of pears on to the plate. Love it :)

  3. oh my gosh- what cute idea's for place cards!

  4. Brooke Kurth5:58 PM


    I absolutely love this table setting! Where did you get the brown and ivory china? I have to have it!! Love!

  5. Jenny6:03 PM

    Brooke - The plates are the Spode Woodland Collection. Here is a link!



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