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October 02, 2011

Heirloom Pumpkin Sugar Cookies | Fall Baking

Heirloom Pumpkins are everywhere these days - even the local grocery store has a huge selection of these 'specialty' pumpkins.  I remember when they hit the scene in a big way 5-6 years ago (at least that was the first time I remember seeing them...).  In fact, the first year that I brought some home, my roommate had thrown my blue heirloom pumpkins away - she thought they had molded...

As I'm not a huge bright 'orange' fan in general, I was so delighted to see these blue, pale orange and red pumpkins - they brought and entirely new hue option to traditional Fall and Autumnal decorating.

This year I decided to make heirloom pumpkin sugar cookies instead of the traditional Jack-O-Lantern cookie with its bright orange exterior and toothy smile.  For the heirloom pumpkins, it is all about color.  I mixed the icing to match the natural muted brilliant shades of a grey green-blue, creamy white, soft buttery orange, and a deep orange-red. 

Learn how to mix all of the great colors, here!  I provided step-by-step tips for mixing these great natural looking colors and all of the tools I use for decorating.

Get my Sugar Cookie Recipe, here!

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