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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekend Trip Home for a Baby Shower

Last weekend we headed back home for a baby shower.  As you can tell, the bump is progressing!  I'm pretty much living in Gap Maternity T's these days... and stretch pants.  It was a special weekend, so I put on a pair of jeans!  Seriously, when you work from home, wearing jeans (and makeup...) seems like a big deal!

  As you might have read in the 'about me' section, I grew up in Lexington, a small town in Missouri.  It is so great to be home - especially when the whole 'fam-damly' is there.  The weekends are filled with big breakfasts, all day snacking, and huge dinners.  Food. Aren't all family weekends around food?  I felt no guilt because it was our "Thanksgiving" since we'll be unable to travel for Thanksgiving this year. 
My mom had a full house.  My brother, his girlfriend, Claire, my sister, Jill, her husband and their daughter, Samantha, were all at my parents house for the weekend.  The last time we were all together was in Martha's Vineyard in June

Above Left, the entire crew (including Macy, the golden) gathered around after our s'mores making night.  I hate that Mr. Darcy can't travel back home with us.  He is too big to fit under the seat of the plane...  Does anyone have any ideas about sneaking a 30 lb. cock-a-poo on a plane? 

We took Sam over to the farm to see the cows.  There was a baby calf that had been born later than all of the other babies this year - my Dad said it was about 2 months old.

Look at those boots!  Definitely looking forward to those hand-me-downs.

Sam pretending to drive the mule.  Only Sam can pull off wearing white leggings on the farm.

Uncle Mike tickling Sam before the shower... such a giggler.

Big Hugs!

The baby shower at my Aunt Nancy's house was great - so many presents, cupcakes and flowers!

My mom and sister put together the favors (above) in the boxes.  Isn't that a cute idea?  Inside each box was a chocolate bird nest with pink M&M's.

My Aunt Phyllis did the flowers - I love how her arrangements look natural and garden-like.  She has a great design sense.  We used to 'help' her with weddings when we were younger - we were in charge of tying the bows... which I'm sure she re-tied later.

More flowers - I love the garden rose.

Isn't this Diaper Wreath amazing?  My friend Leah created it.  The "bow" is the softest swaddle blanket.

Hydrangea Cupcakes with "Aunt Joanie" icing.  Her icing has a secret ingredient... vodka!  My Aunt used to decorate wedding cakes - we also loved to go over to house and 'help' her decorate cakes.  I'm sure we were great at licking the bowls!

I made these favors for all of the Hostess of the party (DIY instructions here!)

Sam had to undress for the pre-party cupcake I gave her (what are aunts for?).  She has a major sweet tooth - remember her first birthday party?!

After the shower, we got out Jill's batons from high school to show Sam.  I know...  but, hey, we grew up in a small town.  You should've seen her 'outfit' - basically a sequins swimming suit.

During these moments with the girls in the front yard are usually when my mom forces me to do a back walk-over while she 'spots' me.  Thank goodness for the pregnancy pass this year.  Instead we made Jill do a cartwheel and cheerleading jumps... Sam was thoroughly impressed by her Mom.

She was very interested by the cassette tapes she found in the bag - what are these and how do I play them in my ipad?  Don't you like that skirt?  It was a gift from me.  Something I was sure I would've loved when I was little.  There is a rumor that I wouldn't leave the house unless I was wearing pink or a skirt... and on occasion heart-shaped sunglasses.  To church.  With gloves.  

She loved the ribbon!  I think we have a future twirler in our midst...  wait, do high school bands still have twirlers?!   Look how much fun Macy is having!  Poor Mr. missed out.

 Thanks for a great weekend everyone!


  1. kelly in georgia7:28 AM

    Very cute post! and yes, our high school does have "twirlers"! In fact, at the game we played last Friday night the opposing team had baton twirlers whose batons were on fire. That was quite impressive!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Jenny, what a wonderful post! I've been following you on a personal basis for a couple of months now and realized you were from Kansas City, which thrilled me. A fantastic blogger from our little town! Then, as Hope House (where I work), I was on Facebook the other day and found that you are one of our Fans! What a small world. Thanks for always inspiring me, and for caring about the women and children we protect.

  4. What a beautiful weekend it looks like you had! The diaper wreath was adorable and everything for the shower looked magical! Congratulations!


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