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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucky FABB Conference | Blog Conference in New York

Last week I was invited to attend the FABB (Fashion & Beauty Blog Conference) hosted by Lucky Magazine.  I know - I'm not a fashion blogger (as you may have guessed by all of the recipes on the right hand side of the page...), but because I was featured in Lucky Magazine last month in partnership with White House Black Market, they invited me along.

Above : The welcome table & sweets bar at FABB.  You can see the reflection of many great shoes and outfits... if you look right about the "eli" in ideeli, you'll see my reclined prego body lounging and still trying to 'work' by snapping photos.

One of the perks of living in Massachusetts is that New York is just a 30 minute flight away - so I headed out at 6am and got home at 10pm that night.  It was a long day for this pregnant lady, but well worth it.  I even made time for a quick stop by Eataly (Mario Battali & Lidia's Italian market) to pick up some Italian treats (truffle butter!).  It has been on my list since we've moved to the East Coast.  Check.

The conference featured discussions with many fashion industry leaders (including Diane Von Furstenberg), media types and bloggers.  In additions to panels and discussions brands and sponsors showed off their new Fall fashions.

Left Above : Showing off some of the Timberland collection.  Those are the boots I picked up for the approaching winter - can't wait for cold weather!


Here is a look down the aisle at some of the bloggers.  I wonder how this view would differ at a food blogger conference?


The keynote speaker was Diane Von Furstenberg.   She had great advice for women entrepreneurs and was very in-touch with technology's roll in today's market.  Her honesty and no-nonsense approach was so refreshing.  She was very passionate about being authentic in everything related to her brand and her life.  

She showed off her new handbag design that featured a built in ipad case.  I really want an ipad now, just so I can use the bag...

These Timberland boots were appealing to me - I'll be needed a lot of warm boots for this winter in Boston!

These were the boots I decided to order - all of my ski gear is white, so I thought these would help complete my ski bunny look.

I am so excited about the JBrand jeans I ordered...

They are a tan denim riding pant.  I ordered a size up from my normal so when I put these skinny jeans on post-pregnancy I won't be too frightened.

Fannie May Chocolates particularly struck my fancy... of course.  They were featuring a new line of Artisan chocolates created by Norman Love.

Some of the flavors were Candy Apple, Birthday Cake, Mint Cookie, etc...

I'm pretty sure my sample pack was missing half of its contents by the time I got on my flight...

Some of the flowers at the event.  Very fun and girly.

Thanks for the Lucky Magazine team for having me!


  1. Courtney12:07 PM

    How exciting, great pics!

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Make sure you get some good, warm boots for the winter! (I'm in the next town, but last winter we had more than 75 inches of snow! Also, I would suggest buying a roof rake as well-- not to reek the roof of leaves, but lots of snow.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    That's rake the roof, not reek the roof!


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