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August 01, 2011

Giveaway | Customized Labels for Your Kitchen|Home|Office from UPrinting

 Giveaway | Customized Labels for your Kitchen | Home | Office

I love labels.  There is something about a label that elevates something normal to something special.  Remember the Black & White Cookies I made for the White House Black Market & Lucky Magazine team?  Without the custom label, they would have just been bagged cookies, but the pretty label made them gift-worthy.  My Strawberry Cream Cake went from boxed cake to dessert buffet with a label.  Don't even get me started on using customized labels for weddings and parties... remember the welcome bags from our wedding? Custom Labels
Here is your chance to win 250 custom printed labels for your home, kitchen, office... whatever!  I am partnering with to giveaway a set of costomized 2 x 3.5" labels just for you. is a great online resource for customized creations... photo canvases, stationery, invitations, stickers, labels, and more.   See the prize details at the end of the post.
So... what do you have to do to enter?  Well, I'm ordering some custom labels for myself - to slap on cookies, frozen dinners, Mike's lunch (I'm sure he'll love that...), and gifts I'm mailing to friends, family and clients.  I can't decide what labels I like best - I need your help!  

To enter, post a comment that contains : 

1) vote for which label you like best (#1, #2, #3)
2) tell me how you would use the free customized labels in your home/office/kitchen/???

If you get a second, stop by's Facebook & Twitter pages for more giveaways!

The winner will be selected by August 10th and will receive a set of customized labels from in the design of his or her choosing!

 Label #1
 Label #2
 Label #3
 Label #4

Prize Details:
2" x 3.5" Labels - 250 Customizable Labels for One (1) Winner
70lb Label Matte, Front Only Printing, 4 Business Days Turnaround

Restriction: Limited to US residents 18 years old and above only.

This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive labels for hosting. Check out product templates on


  1. While all options are wonderful, I think I like #1 the best. I think the design in the name just gives it a little something extra.

    I love, love, love to make sweet treats for friends and family so I think these labels would be perfect for gifting. Not to mention there are quite a few babies being born amongst my friends so these would be great to have when dropping of dinners post baby!

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I like #2 the best. I would certainly use these labels in my kitchen(s). I make a lot of cakes and cookies for friends, so these would certainly help me out. Also, you live close by so I could drop off a treat with a label on the package.
    Niki D.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I like #3 the best. I would use the labels on my homemade christmas gifts that I give to family and friends.

  4. #1 is my favoite. Im always cooking and baking for work, my daughters school and family members...I would use the bad boys like CRAZY! Love them.

  5. I love love love these! esp #3. I might need to make a little purchase myself!

  6. These are wonderful! I like #1 the best!

  7. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I LOVE #1. I would use the labels for my Stella & Dot business, as well as for myself during the holidays!

  8. I like no. 1 the best...I would use these especially at Christmas. Everyone loves my homemade fudge, and cookies, so these would help make a lovely presentation!

  9. Lauren Bristow Williams2:50 PM

    #4 is my favorite by far. I love the color and how feminine it is. I use labels like these for almost everything I make as gifts - quilts, food items, etc. I just ran out of my kitchen labels, so a re-order is in my future.

  10. I just made a bunch of jellies!! I like #4!

  11. I like number 3 the best...they would be perfect for our cookies and jam gifts to our 3 year old's teachers at his preschool. What a great way to show they were made with love!

  12. #3! I would use these over the Holidays, gifts for teachers, etc.

  13. Rebecca P6:37 PM

    Definitely #1! I'd use these to share my baked goods with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Aside from being a nice gesture, it allows me to try lots of recipes and not eat them all myself! :)

  14. Gorgeous labels! I like #4 the most. I would use these for food gifts - I'd make a whole bunch of jam and other goodies just to use them!

  15. steph a9:29 PM

    Love#1. Great for baked goods!

  16. Charlene farraro2:47 AM

    Like #1 the best. The font used for your name is the most visually pleasing. Matches the font you used on the blog....looks like ribbon. One of the things I liked on the blog was that font design.

  17. Let's see, at first #1 was my choice but then #3 took the cake with the bolder font.
    One can never have enough personal labels that say so much more and can be enjoyed by that special person over and over again.
    I would use it first of all for my annual Apricot Jam and then my James Beard's Apricot bread.

  18. Anonymous4:12 PM

    #3 Love the boldness of it. What ever your labeling will be yummy. I would label my scones and cookies I often give out.

  19. I love #2, and I would love to use it for my Catering Business, Menu Malbec!

  20. I love #1 and I would use them when I bake goodies for friends and family.

  21. I like #1 and if I won, I would use them to label my oatmeal toffee chocolate chip cookies when I give them away!

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  23. Who was the winner for that?

  24. I like #2 and #3 label. Thanks for sharing the style, as i am finding the one for my goodies business.

  25. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Great giveaway. won same type of offer from RGB Printings 2 months ago

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