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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kinfolk Magazine | Jenny Steffens Hobick is proud to be a part of Kinfolk Magazine!

A couple of months ago, I was approached by Nathan Williams and asked if I would contribute to a collaboration celebrating small gatherings and intimate entertaining.  The collaboration, an online and print magazine, would be called Kinfolk.  I took one glance at their website,, and sent back an immediate - yes!

The design of the site was so beautiful, clean, sophisticated, and cozy.  With such a design aesthetic, I knew I would want to be a part of anything Nathan and the Kinfolk team produced.

The online magazine and print edition came out this month - and let me tell you - it is a beauty.  The photography is stunning.  The layout is modern, clean and unobtrusive.  The articles are insightful.  I'm so honored to be a part of something so... well, Great.

I was asked to contribute three articles : 1) Entertaining Q&A   2) Personal Perspective on Entertaining   3) After Dinner Ideas for Entertaining

Entertaining Q&A Excerpt...
(to read the entire article, visit the online version of the entire magazine at

How can someone put together a great dinner or evening with friends on a budget?
"I like to have one show-stopper on the menu, maybe truffle butter, sea scallops, or great heirloom tomatoes.  If you make one thing shine, you can make everything else very simple.  Try to figure out what your guests will rave about on the way home and invest in that to be the star of your party"

Aren't the images stunning?  This photo was taken by Tim Robinson.

My personal entertaining philosophy is featured on this page.

"Entertaining at its best is done often, with an effortless and easy style..."
(to read the rest, visit the online version of the entire magazine at

You're hosting a party, dinner is over, but the night is just beginning... what do you do now?

Read about my ideas for entertaining your guests after you've entertained!
(to read the entire article, visit the online version of the entire magazine at
Here are some of the other articles that struck my fancy...

Did you know we use cloth napkins for every meal at my house?  I'm not insane and it is not an effort to be stuffy.  They aren't ironed or fancy, they are just casual cotton napkins.  I happen to have stacks and stacks of cloth napkins from my catering days.  Once we started using them all of the time, I couldn't go back to paper!

The colors are perfect.

I dream of intimate little dinners like this one.

I love that there is a Thoreau quote - our new house is within walking distance to Walden Pond.  

To Nathan and all of the Kinfolk contributors - Congratulations - she's beautiful!


  1. Congrats Jenny! I am so proud of you! You are simply the best at what you do and I love your entertaining philosophy! I will have to see where I can get a copy of this! Hope two you are doing great!!! XO - Claire

  2. i found you via kinfolk's website. what a great magazine!

    i actually just contacted them about being a contributing writer as well : )



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