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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Farmers Market Table Setting | Farm to Table themed Summer Party

Summer Farmer's Market Table Setting:
Farm to Table Themed Party

Who says you have to go to the florist to put together a beautiful table for a party?  When I go to the farmer's markets, I am always amazed at how beautiful the vegetables are as they're all grouped together and displayed.  I decided to add this bountiful farmer's market style to my table for a Summertime "Farm to Market" dinner party.

Did I mention that the menu has some of the same ingredients displayed on the table?  Talk about appetizing.

Summertime Farm to Market Menu (recipes coming soon!):

Garden Tomatoes with Green Goddess Dressing
Eggplant Focaccia Bread
Corn on the Cob with Basil Butter
Classic Cucumbers & Onions
Lemon & Chive Halibut in Parchment Bundles
Peach Crostada with Vanilla Ice Cream

I picked up these kitchen towels at William-Sonoma.  They make great rustic over-sized napkins... after all, who doesn't appreciate an over-sized napkin when you're eating corn on the cob?  The towels came in a package of 4 different patterns of stripes and plaids.  I love the navy and light blue combination with the clean clean white.

I don't know about you, but sitting outside in this heat does not sound like a pleasant evening.  So, I brought the bounty of the season in doors.

I set the table by putting a white hemstitch runner down the center.  All of the different colors, sizes and shapes of the vegetables could end up looking chaotic, so I needed the plain white runner to create a cohesive look.  A burlap runner would add a little more of a rustic style.  You can see the various patterns of the napkins in this shot.

Again, to create a cohesive look, I put all of the vegetables in separate white bowls, then arranged them scattered down the table, separating each color by a complimenting color.  For example, I separated the bright pink radishes from the bright red orange tomato with pale colored potatoes and the neutral green ears of corn.


Left to Right :  A jar of homemade pickles, blue hydrangeas in a white creamer pitcher, peaches, round eggplant and cherry tomatoes.

The pickles are a take-home gift for our guests.  If you don't have time to make your own, buy some locally made berry jam and send your guests home with biscuits for breakfast.

The radishes are so beautiful - such a rich shade of pink.

I hope this table inspires your next Summer party!  Stay tuned for recipes to serve at your Summertime Farm to Market dinner party!

1 comment:

  1. Simple, seasonal, and perfect! Your love of family, friends, and home is captured in every picture:)


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