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Friday, June 17, 2011

Packing Cookies for the Mail | Packaging & Shipping Sugar Cookies

 Packing Tips for Mailing Cookies

Who wouldn't love to receive a box of beautifully decorated sugar cookies?  Recently, I sent some boxes of cookies as a "Thank You" to the Lucky Magazine and Black House White Market for including me in a recent project.

Get the recipe for the Black & White Cookies and decorating tips here!

The cookies were a gift, so I wanted to package them in a really special way.

I used to live less than a mile from Paper-Source making it all to easy to run and get whatever supplies I needed on a whim.  In fact, my brainstorming usually started with a trip to the store.  In our new location, Paper-Source is a 35 minute car ride and parking disaster way, so I am forced to be more creative with what I have.  I'm always up for a challenge.   

Packaging Cookies Challenge :

- Cookies need to stay fresh
- Branded for my business
- Simple and clean design
- Look beautiful
- Use materials from my craft closet... no purchasing new!

Maybe this challenge wasn't really that much of a challenge... I have a pretty extensive collection of crafting materials.  From my years of wedding and event planning, I accumulated piles of "extras" - ribbons, papers, labels, etc. from Paper Source.


Circle Labels
I made custom labels from these 4-inch kraft paper circle adhesive labels from Paper-Source.  I printed my logo on the bottom half of each label. 

Cellophane Bags

I had these cellophane bags (large size) leftover from my own wedding favors.  I only use cellophane bags that are 'crunchy.'  The soft plastic bags are not as attractive. 

Double-Faced Satin Ribbon
I always have a large collection of double-faced satin ribbon.  At you can get any color in any finish and size.  I feel like I can make anything look good if I have some ribbon - I even keep it in the car with a pair of scissors so I can make an impromptu gift out of anything.

I cut the bags down so I didn't have too much excess cellophane...

I cut a little piece of ribbon with a bird's beak on one end.

Place the ribbon on the back of the adhesive label so it centered and hangs under the type on the front of the label. 

Fold down the bag to a couple of inches above the cookies. 

Place the label with the ribbon on the front of the bag. 

Flip it over and fold the label to the back.

Done.  I think the cookies look really professional and will stay fresh in the bag. 

You can easily make your own label with the name of the cookie and "made by..." or "made with love..." on the bottom.  Does anyone need a label made?  I'd love to make a template for you!

To package the cookies, I used :

- 5x12x8 white corrugated box from Staples
- kraft paper krinkles for packing
- a recipe card
- a personal note

Here is the printed recipe on a Blue Bell (Paper-Source) paper that matched the blue ribbon and text on the label.  I also printed my logo at the top of a stationery card on which to write a personal note of thanks. 

I loaded the box with the kraft paper krinkles. 

The cookies went in next, then the recipe card and note.  I put another layer of kraft krinkles packing on top to make sure the cookies didn't have any room to move around during shipping.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    OMG - brilliant, love this.

  2. Simple thought, easy to do. Yes, this is a brilliant ideas.

  3. hi i am looking for a lovely label could you get in touch?

  4. what a beautiful idea!! Would it be possible for you to create a template for me? {not sure how old this post is...}
    i would love it to say

    pretty little design co.

    perhaps with a cupcake outline on it?! that would be beautiful!!!

    That would be great if you can - my email is HomePartiesLife AT gmail DOT com

    thank you for the inspiration!!

  5. LOVE your idea!!! I would love to make these for a baby shower favor!! Would you be able to make a template for me for the labels?! Would this be possible?! I would be happy to pay!!

    PLease respond- my email is JECUTLER@EMBARQMAIL.COM


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