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June 22, 2011

BBQ Chicken | Dr. Pepper Barbeque Chicken | 4th of July Recipes

4th of July Recipes :
Barbecue Chicken

One of the things we miss since we've moved to Boston is Kansas City barbecue - and good Mexican food, by the way...  I wish I would have brought our favorite BBQ sauces with us (Gates and Oklahoma Joe's).  I have placed my orders online (oh, don't tell Mike - it's a surprise!), but in the meantime to get us our fix, I thought I'd use some Jack Stack (also a KC fav) rub I found in my spice cabinet.

I thought I'd try something new - I marinated the chicken in Dr. Pepper and then rubbed the spice on the skin.  The Dr. Pepper made the chicken slightly sweet and the rub had that classic KC BBQ flavor. 

To go along with the barbecued chicken, I made a really simple homemade mac n'cheese and a cucumber and tomato salad with feta cheese that can easily be made into a pasta salad for a crowd.

I took the backbone out of the chicken, then flattened out the chicken to make it easier to grill and marinate.

I poured the Dr. Pepper over the chicken, then rubbed the spice into the skin.

Cook the chicken over indirect heat.  To be sure not to get too much char on the chicken, wait to put the barbecue sauce on until the last 5 minutes.  After a while, I put the legs on the top rack to keep them from getting over done while the breast and wings continued to cook.

Depending on the size of the chicken and how hot your grill is, it can take 30 minutes - 1 hour.  Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

Get the recipes for the side dishes (coming soon!) : Easy Homemade Mac N'Cheese & Cucumber, Tomato & Feta Salad

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