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May 31, 2011

Vermont Weekend Getaway | Hiking, S'mores, Maple Syrup & Ice Cream

This weekend, we headed for the hills... well, actually the mountains.  We drove up to Vermont for some fresh air, hiking, swimming, s'mores, homemade ice cream and maple syrup.  The entire state was covered in rolling green covered mountains and scented with an overwhelming (in a good way...) aroma of pine.  It was a great escape.

Our first stop was the Simon Pearce restaurant in Quechee for brunch.  It was located right on this river near a waterfall.

Mr. Darcy had to check to see if there were any ducks on the water he needed to bark at.  MORE PHOTOS & DETAILS of our VERMONT TRIP , click here >>

The tables were, of course, set with Simon Pearce glasses and a glass sculpture.  Mike was checking out the view from our table...

Pretty spectacular. 

Mike directing the Mr. to look at the camera while on one of the several covered bridges we saw.  He was a natural mountain man- had the time of his life. 

He's is attracted to water like nothing I've ever seen.  Any chance he gets - puddle, creek, pond, mud hole, my mom's pool... he has to get in.

On our hikes we kept calling him "Darcy Goat Gruff."  He was so agile on the rocks - just like a goat.  He was the lead hiker - showing me the easiest way to the top.  Or to the water...  

This was an awesome gorge that we looked at from a bridge above.

I took a picture of the swirling waters from above... do you see what I see? 

We headed on a hike up a mountain - it was a steep 1.2 mile trek up a trail with natural rock 'stairs'.

Amazing roots that also make great 'stairs.'

Almost to the top...

I thought these moss covered trees were so pretty - a really vibrant green.  The misty fog added a really mysterious element to the hike - almost magical... or like a scene from a scary movie...

Some of the views on the way up.

At the top of the climb was this vast freshwater pond. 

We were planning to take a dip - but I could only get in up to my ankles.

Darcy thought the water felt just fine.

We stayed at the Stowe Mountain Lodge - a pet-friendly hotel.

The view from our room - I think I would really enjoy skiing these runs.  They look more like my style than the steep Rocky Mountains we've skied in the past.

The guys relaxing after the hike.

What mountain trip isn't complete without a gourmet dinner?  We went to Norma's at The Topnotch Resort in Stowe.  The steamer clams in white wine were great with some crusty bread.

Mike had a steak with a verde sauce and some unusual pork belly 'tots'.

For dessert, we ordered the Make-Your-Own S'mores around the firepit outside.

This was my favorite part of the trip.

Mr. was tempted to try to get the marshmallows...

On the drive home, we took the scenic route and stopped at some great mountain views.  This was at The Trapp Family Lodge - yes, the same von Trapp family from the Sound of Music.  They opened this lodge in the 70's (I think).  The views were really something. This is the field where the von Trapp family still preforms for hotel guests.

A berry crop.

Vermont cows grazing.

The entire state of Vermont is dotted with little towns you can see from the distance thanks from the Church steeples peeking out of the trees - all so quaint.

We stopped at this sugar house to pick up some Vermont Maple Syrup.  I was disappointed to learn that they no longer harvest the sap in buckets that hang off of trees, instead the have sophisticated tube and piping systems.

The retail area of the sugar house - many different grades and sizes.

We stopped in Woodstock on the way home for some ice cream in fresh made waffle cones.

The bakery featured this mile high apple pie - I was almost tempted, but stuck with my waffle cone.

The town of Woodstock is lovely - almost all of the houses on the main town green are white painted Victorian houses with lovely front and side gardens.

A very idyllic town.

This house was particularly attractive to me - the porch ceiling was painted a bright turquoise instead of the classic pale sky blue.


  1. That was a beautiful weekend!!! !Great photos with perfect light to capture the colors. Thank you for sharing the travel tips and details.

  2. vanessa1:10 PM

    great ideas for a trip with my husband! thanks :)

  3. what mountain did you climb and where were some of the spots on the scenic drive home that you took pretty pictures of?


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