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March 24, 2016

Easter Brunch Ideas | Brunch Menu Ideas | Easy Easter Centerpieces

I had to reach way back in the archives for this one!  This post was from 2012.  Emma was 4 months old (instead of 4 years old!) and I can't imagine how I had time to write this... oh yeah, because I basically just held her all day, and when she slept I worked on my laptop : )

Enjoy this round-up of more Easter Brunch ideas.  I'm still debating what our menu will be... of course!


I can hardly believe it is Easter already.  With the weather swinging every which direction, I can't decide if I'm ready for Christmas or The 4th of July... which actually does sound like Easter.  When we were little we never knew if we'd be battling rain or snow on Easter morning - somethings never change!  Here is a little rundown of some posts that might inspire your Easter celebration!

Cranberry Scones with an Orange Glaze

Mrs. Ross's Blackberry Cobbler

Bacon, Potato & Chive Skillet Omelet

Homemade Herbed Ricotta Cheese on Garlic Baguette Toasts

Chocolate Glazed Donuts

Cherry Almond Cupcakes

"Homemade" Cinnamon Rolls from Frozen Bread Dough

Banana Pecan Pancakes Recipe 


  1. These are all such good ideas! Mmm can't wait!

  2. this post is making me so hungry and i just ate a whole avocado, so that is saying a lot:)

  3. Oh, yum. Every single picture looks scrumptious!

  4. Wow every time I visit your website I'm so inspired! You must have a killer work out regimen to not blow up from all the wonderful things you cook up! Oh how I would love to have brunch at your house! :)

    Alice from Victoria

    Just a Silhouette

  5. This looks delicious!! Can you post a link to the salad recipe, that would be perfect to for me to bring to my family Easter gathering! Love your site!

  6. What a perfect selection of Easter brunch ideas! Thanks for sharing : ) - Rachel

  7. How have I not found your blog before?? Especially since we are both in the Boston area. Love it! Cheers, Kate

  8. I love all of your ideas! Where did you find the box that holds the flowers on your table?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Your spring and Easter features are just spectacular! Thank you for your gorgeous ideas and inspiration. Every single recipe I have tried of yours has been delicious! I put my new linen runner on our table and it is so pretty and fresh. It can be used in so many ways and I am already looking forward to seeing it with seashells and other summer details. I love it! May your family have a blessed Easter. Jane ~ San Diego


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