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Friday, January 28, 2011

Home | Ideas for Boys' Bedrooms | Children Bedroom Interior Design

Depending on the day, minute, hour or week, I'm always doing something different (as you may have noticed from my  blog entries!)... cooking, diy home projects, event design, etc.  Well today, I'm interior decorating.  

This is a new section of my business that I'm very excited about - home interior design.  My first client has asked me to help her with her two sons' bedrooms.  After seeing photos of the two rooms, photos of the rest of her house, and talking with her about her vision, I've created the following design concepts. 

CONCEPT 1 : Ralph Lauren
I've prepared two versions of each concept - one for each room.  So, the theme is the same, but executed differently in each room.
Ralph Lauren 1 : This room took its inspiration from the Polo's darling children's line.  The bedding will be similar to the classic light blue oxford shirt, layered with plaids (white sheets, of course).  I'd use oatmeal linen throughout the room as the neutralizer amongst all of the color... drapes, throw pillows, etc.  The walls will be a deep, grey-blue.  I think the brass light fixtures and nail head trim on the grey wool chair are very Ralph Lauren.  I like the addition of vintage artwork to the traditional decor. 
Ralph Lauren 2 : Again, I'd use the classic light blue oxford shirt as bedding, but this time the walls are a creamy neutral.  This room will be more heavily accented in the red/brown plaid with touches of navy and grey wool.


CONCEPT 2 : Handsome
 Handsome 1 : The walls in this room are going to be a warm grey (restoration hardware).  I'd use soft plaids of creams, browns and touches of light blue and green.  The artwork has gone to the dogs... a vintage sketch and modern dog light.  The room will feel light because of the oatmeal linen drapes, but cozy from the layering of fabrics.
Handsome 2 : Using the same concept as above, this room will be soft neutrals with accents of light blue and navy.  The brown chair with nail head trim will wear beautifully with heavy use.  More dog artwork and nautical sketches.

Would you like me to help you with your design projects?  Email for more information!


  1. These are super classic and really pretty. My 13-yr-old wants a football theme, which I had managed to avoid thus far! Gonna have to compromise, for sure!

  2. Hi-
    I must have been living under a rock...I just found your blog on Fri. (link from Design Sponge) I have been reading and looking at all the amazing photos every chance I have had this weekend! I LOVE your home and your decorating is amazing! I actually have a silly question. I am wondering where you found the cute rug in your kitchen area? I have been hunting for one and think that one may be just perfect:)


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