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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays | Entertaining | Thanksgiving Planner | Countdown Day 3 | Table Setting Tools & Inspiration | Thanksgiving Table Setting & House Decor

I've started getting our house ready for Thanksgiving.  We will be having 13 guests, so I set two separate tables a "kids' table" and an "adults' table."  Mind you, the kids' table's youngest guest is 23... except for my 7-month-old niece, Sam.

Adults' Table
The adults will sit in the dining room at the distressed harvest table.  The table is a little small/narrow, so I kept the decor simple : ivory burlap runner with two pewter candlesticks.

The kids' table is set in my office, adjacent to the dining room.  I think this will work great because the two groups will be close enough to chat.  I'm using tree branch clippings from our pear tree - it still has great fall colors and some berries.  I'm so excited to use my new Spode Woodlands china collection.

I am not a "matchy-matchy" person.  I love the feel of mixing and matching all of these wooden chairs.  To me, mixing all of these chairs and finishes creates a "grandma's house" vibe.  I found the table at KC River Market Antiques Co.   It was $46 and is solid walnut.  It is a drop-leaf table, so I'll be able to collapse the sides and use it as a console table after the holidays.

A close up of the pear tree branches & of Sam's high chair - $24 and it was already painted grey... perfect.

I love the Fall and Winter seasons - the coziness of the harvest season is something I dream of all year long.  I decided to swap out all of my hanging prints with season appropriate art.  I printed them from a vintage prints website... so it was free.

Vintage Spode Woodland Turkey plates on the wall... pheasants in frames.


I added a rust, orange and brown throw to make my 'light and airy' living room feel more cozy.  The framed botanical prints were inspired by the artwork we saw everywhere in italy.  I used tips from "Good Bones Great Pieces" for framing the prints. 

Almost done... more photos to come!


  1. Wow so nice!These are very beautiful for home decoration.I just came to your post and saw above thing it is very impressive me and it is very nice blog.Thanks for this wonderful post!

    Botanic Garden Dinnerware

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Love the photos. Can you please share the free printables website you printed the prints from? Thanks! :) Tracey

  3. It looks fantastic. What is the free website you used to find the prints? They look gorgeous.

  4. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I love the Thanksgiving place cards! The link to download them is not working though. Is there anyway this can be fixed. Thanks for all the fab ideas!


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