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September 15, 2010

Home | DIY | Wooden Hutch for our Dining Room

Not ones to be reluctant to try something new, Mike and I tried our first (and successful) attempt at making furniture. We made a huge wood hutch for our dining room to hold all of our new wedding presents.

Materials = $250

14 pieces of 1 x 12 x 8 oak
4 pieces of 1 x 4 x 8 oak
1 piece of chunky crown molding (9.5 linear feet)
finish nails
wood screws
screw driver
table saw
miter saw
1 pint of walnut stain
1 pint of hand rubbing polyurethane

We started by cutting the back pieces (6 - 1 x 12's side-by-side) to be 7 1/2 feet long (height of the hutch). To age the wood, we used a hammer, rocks, nails, etc. to create divots in the wood. we sanded all of the edges of each piece, weathering the wood. After distressing, we stained the wood with a walnut stain and applied a coat of polyurethane.

To assemble the stained and distressed wood we created a box on our garage floor consisting of the sides, top and bottom of the hutch. We placed the planks that would to make up the back on the wood box and attached it with screws. Then, we stood it up and installed the shelves, screwing them in from the sides and back to add stability. We attached the 1 x 4 pieces to the front of the cabinet with finish nails.

We cut the crown molding to fit the top of the cabinet and stained and distressed it separately. We had to install it once it was in the dining room or it would not have fit.


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