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January 21, 2010

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UPDATE!  I posted this 2 years ago- ick, look at those photos... now I've redone my baking pantry in our new house... read about it here!

Original Post :

Of all of the projects that I've done in our house, I know THIS organizing project is going to be one of Mike's favorites... my crazy, messy and dysfunctional spice & baking pantry drives him crazy. Actually, it drives me crazy, too, so I finally tackled the pantry this morning.

In this photo, you can see there is no rhyme or reason to the placement of everything - besides shoving things wherever they'll fit...

Blow-tourches, sprinkles, spices, vinegars, and endless varieties of sea salt containers... ugh.

With a $30 budget, I headed to the craft store (hobby lobby is the closest to our house). I purchased these two unfinished wood moulding shelves. Turned upside-down, they create a lovely riser for spices - a great system for maximizing space. I painted the shelves to match the interior of the cabinets. The paint will not only look better, but will help to keep them clean.

As you can see - much improved! And... I didn't relocated anything from the cabinet - amazing how a little organization can make space.

Top Shelf : Decorating Supplies : Craft Box containing Cupcake Liners (I have a huge collection - all shapes and sizes), and food coloring. Jars are filled with pastry bags, couplers and tips. Clear containers with sprinkles.

Middle Shelf : Baking Supplies : Baking Soda, Powder, Cocoa, Vanilla Beans & Cinnamon

Lower Shelf : Cooking Supplies : Spices, Salt & Peppers, Vinegars & Olive Oil

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