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July 11, 2018

Perfect BLTs | Summer Lunch at The School House

Emma and I treated the girls to lunch this week at The School House.  I really like simple food in the summer so BLTs were the perfect lunch for a super hot July day.  The School House has been open for 3 months now, so it was a good time to catch up with the team to get some feedback from them.  They have done such an amazing job taking over the packaging and fulfillment and teaching themselves the business.  We have very few packaging errors (and when one or two pops up - they take it so personally!) and they really do take pride in making sure each package is beautifully assembled.  I LOVE how well they take care of my customers.  

Read more about The School House, here >

The School House is in my hometown of Lexington, Missouri.  It is about an hour from my house, so try to get there once every couple of weeks.

When we do, we always stop by the local farmstands to see what's in season.  Our favorite is my cousin's - Fahrmeier Farms.  They have strawberries early summer, and now they have blackberries and tomatoes.  In the fall, they have beautiful pumpkins and family activities.

When I shared our berries on Instagram, I had so many of you ask where we'd found them, so I thought I'd share : )

9133 County Farm Rd
Lexington, Missouri
(816) 289-2496

Of course, there is no need for a recipe for BLTs... but using the right ingredients is important.  I hardly ever order one at a restaurant unless I know they know what they're doing.  Same with caprese salads.  They can be great or terrible.

Good Bread : I used brioche from Whole Foods.  It was my first time buying it there and OMG - I don't know if I'll ever be able to use any other bread again.  So delish.  Buttery, soft.  

Good Tomatoes : Real tomatoes.  When you slice them you shouldn't see a "wagon wheel" shape, but fleshy and red all the way through.  They don't have to be heirloom, but usually the 'home grown' label is good enough.  I've found now that some "heirloom" have been farmed to look right, but don't even taste great.  I salt them with sea salt before putting on the sandwich. 

Lettuce : Soft lettuce.  I don't like romaine or iceburg on a BLT, but a soft lettuce like butter or this red leaf. 

(Do I sound crazy yet?!)

Bacon : Has to be crispy.  If there is any chewy aspect, I'm out.


Whole Foods Brioche

I can't wait to make French bread with this... not that there is any left.

See the flesh all the way through?  Wagon Wheel tomatoes (not these) were hybridized to ship and transport well without getting squashed.  So, the made them firm and hard... instead of juicy and delicate like these.

I bake bacon on a baking sheet with parchment paper for 20 minutes at 375.   You can find baking sheets and parchment, here >

This is my favorite pasta salad - Barefoot Contessa's Pesto, Pasta & Peas.  If you have pesto in the fridge (like I do in the summer, here is my recipe), then it is super easy to make.   I've simplified the recipe to be simply : Bowtie Pasta, Pesto, Thawed Sweet Baby Peas & Parmesean.  

Blackberries from Fahrmeiers Farm.

There are a couple more weeks of blackberry picking, then tomato season will be in full swing.  They would love for you to come visit!  One of these days (maybe Fall?), we'll have an open house at The School House and you can stop by at both (we're just down the road).

9133 County Farm Rd
Lexington, Missouri
(816) 289-2496

June 26, 2018

4th of July at Our House | Sale!

We've done our typical 4th of July decorating - adding flags everywhere.  It is such a small touch, but when sprinkled throughout, has such a big impact!  I absolutely love how festive it makes our home feel.

We've had some nice rain showers lately that have put my Annabelle hydrangeas on the ground, so I took the opportunity to bring some inside.  Emma took my photo while I added some flags to an arrangement : )

I put the hydrangea arrangement in our living room on the antique chest that houses our Christmas ornaments.  

Cottage Stripe Pillows, $38-46

I love the combination of the flags + our antique ship painting.  It makes our living room feel like it belongs on Nantucket... for a moment.  Then I step outside to 95 degree weather and remember we live in Kansas!

 Shop the 4th of July Sale for 25% off the entire collection >

June 25, 2018

Our Bedroom Tour

I shared a tour of our bedroom a couple of years ago after our renovation and addition were complete.  It is a study in ivory, white and cream with classic wood furniture and brass fixtures.  Totally neutral like the rest of our house, which gives me the opportunity to add touches of color and accents each season.

This season I added Cottage Stripe Pillows (Large 22" Square, $46) + Whale Prints from my store.

Our brass lantern is The Concord Lantern from Cape Code Lantern Co. finished in Antique Brass.  This is the Large size, but we have two of the smaller size hanging above our kitchen island.   We also have the wall mounted Concord Lantern on the exterior by the front door. We purchased this fixture almost 6 years ago when we moved back from Massachusetts.  It used to hang above our dining table!  When we bought it I knew it was a piece that I would take with us wherever we go.

Our nighstands were custom made by D.R. Dimes.  More information about them below in the original post!

These Cottage Stripe Pillows are part of my Summer Nautical Collection, but I could definitely keep them here all year.


Fall 2016

It occurred to me that have never shared a proper tour of our bedroom since we've moved into the house.  It took me a while to gather the furniture and hang some things on the walls.  I like to keep our bedroom really clutter free and very simple.  I like a lot of cream (obviously...) and turned to our favorite boutique hotels and inns for inspiration.

The biggest challenge for me was to find a chest of drawers and coordinating night stands that weren't too new and weren't too matchy-matchy.   (I can provide information for the night stands if you are interested.)

We have white hotel bedding with white embroidery (Pottery Barn) and a pick-stitch quilt.  We don't keep too many pillows on the bed because I always want it to be soft and ready for lounging at all times. We use standard pillows (behind), Euros in front (with an H, from Pottery Barn), then the Rectangle Acorn Block Print Pillow, $28.  I change the accent pillow seasonally to set the tone for the room.  Because our room is so neutral, that little pillow change with a small vase of a seasonal flowers on the bedside really does make our entire room feel fresh for each time of year.

This is Mike's side, so the English Game Fowl Prints are a good fit.  These are 8x10 prints framed in the 11x14" frames (that will be restocked soon).

Game Fowl Prints, $4-6

I'm so obsessed with this gold laurel wreath... I bought it at a small antique home decor store in Rochport.  I've searched high and low for it online to no avail.  I will keep trying to get my hands on some for the store. 

The Rectangle Acorn Block Print Pillow, $28.

This luxe Baby Alpaca throw (in Cocoa) is our newest cozy addition to the room.  It is such a treat.

The night stands are from D.R. Dimes, custom made in New Hampshire.  I looked everywhere for a barley twist side table that was the perfect finish and size.  I finally found this design at D.R.Dimes.  They were investment pieces to be sure, but they are the real deal.  They will never go out of style, the cherry finish will develop a beautiful aged patina over time... and they will be our bedside tables for the rest of our lives ; )

The most pleasant surprise in our room was finding these custom Roman Shades from Home Depot.  They were an incredible price at around $125 for each (compared to $400 at other sources I checked!).  I am super impressed with the quality and the linen fabric.  We selected Milan Feather, it is a perfect match to our Benjamin Moore Navajo White (different from Sherwin Williams).  I added black-out liners to these in our room to help with keeping the room cool from the afternoon sun and, of course, to keep it very dark at night.  I may add a grosgrain border accent to them at some point... what do you think?

One of the design decisions that I stuck by was using a french door for the entrance for our room.  It is just a standard 30" door opening, but it really does make a huge impact of the feel of the room - much more special and elegant.

 I framed this photo of us from our wedding that is printed on canvas fabric and hangs in our little foyer area of the room.

Finding room for adequate closet space was definitely a struggle when we were drawing up the plans for the addition.  We traded a larger walk-in closet for a 2nd floor laundry room.  Instead we designed these french door his and hers closets.  I have to say I LOVE this design.  Not only do the doors give our room more architectural interest, it is so nice to open the doors and be able to see and access everything easily.  Also, it is not another room to keep clean.  I used to feel like our old walk-in closet was a recipe for a mess and dust.  At some point I'll open these up and show you the design.

Another set of french doors leads to our bathroom.  Here is a post dedicated to the details of our master bathroom.

See more tours of our home, here, on my House Tour page.
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